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About our Company

NATURALIGHT FOODS is a manufacturer of superior, Certified Organic and natural vanilla and amond extract, and is based in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.


Naturalight Foods Inc. has been in operation since 1981.  We have always had a strong passion for the natural food industry, and have embraced the Organic movement from its inception.

About our Vanilla

OUR VANILLA has a superior flavour profile.  We get an extra boost of full, round, robust flavour for which our vanilla products are known by taking our time in the extraction process; we use certified organic alcohol (made from sugarcane) and age our extract to let the flavours develop.


Our Organic Vanilla is extracted from Certified Organic Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, which are also Fair Trade.


Our conventional Pure Vanilla Extract is made from beans sourced from sustainable, reputable farms in Kerala, Southern India.


Our products also comply with the following dietary restrictions:​

  • Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Kosher - Certified by Kosher Check

  • Peanut-Free and Tree Nut-Free

  • Lactose-Free and Egg-Free

Our vanilla beans are also alcohol-free.

We are members of the Canadian Health Foods Association, and have attended CHFA trade shows. CHFA is Canada's largest trade association dedicated to natural health and organic products.

Certified Organic

About our Vision

OUR VISION is to provide the best quality vanilla in a sustainable way.


Naturalight Foods Inc. has always believed in a strong recycling program;  all of our organic waste produced from raw materials is composted, and all plastics, glass, cardboard and paper are recycled.


Waste only accounts for 2% of all materials affiliated with the manufacturing process of our products.  To offset this waste, we donate regularily to the World Wildlife Environmental Fund of Canada.

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